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Welcome to Tortoise Island which is a website created to introduce you to my tortoises and my home on the island of Jersey

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Hello and welcome my name is Terry and my username is terrypin.I have kept and now breed Testudo Hermanni Boettgeri and Testudo Graeca Graeca since the 1980's and i have kept Geochelone Pardalis Babcocki since 1996 when i purchased a small group of captive bred hatchlings  from the UK.I have since bred from those individuals and am now raising these youngsters to a size of approx 100mm when i will be able to offer them for sale to other keepers. 

 This an ariel view of Jersey and a picture of the cottage. We have lived there since 2004. Previous to this we lived in the east of the island.I was born and raised here in Jersey.