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 I bought my first 3 Hermans tortoises from an elderly lady who lived in town. She had purchased the 2 females 25 years previously from a pet shop, and the male from the same shop 5 years before the females.They were very small when she bought them about the size of her palm.The females had been dropping eggs around her garden every year for a few years, without making any attempt to bury them.They continued to do this the first couple of years with me. Then about 1989 i built a nesting box indoors, when we had our first successful nesting, and then 4 healthy hatchlings the following year.

 This is Oswald my original male he is still going strong and must be over 50 years old.

 This is Lassie one of my 2 original females , here she is nesting in the Hermans greenhouse.

 In the foreground the lighter coloured tortoise is Benjie my 2nd original female Hermans tortoise .Immediately behind her is a captive bred female who is the daughter of my other female Lassie.