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 I purchased my first 2 spurthighed tortoises from a person in the west of the island about the mid eighties.These had been long term captives and as i found eventually, were both female Testudo Graeca Graeca.I heard about a small tortoise with some shell damage early 1988 and went to take a look at him.Once i saw him i was convinced he was a male of the same sub species as my females, so bought him immediately despite the fact it looked like part of his shell was peeling.When i introduced him to the females in late 1988 he performed perfectly much to the families amusement.The following year i hatched my first eggs in a home made incubator.Smokies shell eventually shed some of the keratin layer to reveal healthy bone beneath .He has suffered no further and his shell today is exactly as when it first shed.

This is Smokie my original male,and father of many.He has been an awsome stud with my 2 females more often than not producing 100% hatch rates.This picture showing his undamaged side.

 This is Tommie one of my original females and the mother of my very first hatchlings.

 This is Fred she is also one of the original two females.I have never known a more bad tempered individual than when she is gravid.She can empty a greenhouse of tortoises just with her relentless paceing.Then go and nest outdoors.