This is a short clip showing my hatchling Leopards in their bath.When i tilt it so they are over their depth.Just to show them swimming.









Here we have another short clip of a Hermanns Tortoise. as it leaves the egg.You can see how they are often still folded, and some are twisted when they first hatch.Also note the small yolksac remaining.







 This clip is of my Testudo Graeca Graeca, Juveniles having a rare treat and enjoying a meal of white clover.this is excellent feed but a little high in protein to give Juveniles on a regular basis.







 This is a clip of Benjie my Hermanns female showing the Tortoise version of Motherly love being more interested in eating than not stepping on Junior









This clip is of my Blonde Leopard Hatchling showing how active they can be when they are healthy and well warmed up







Another clip,this time of an 18 month old Juvenile i hatched. Showing the results of a wild plant and mixed grasses diet.












This is my Blonde Leopard Hatchling with the older Juvenile showing my skills at tortoise herding.Maybe i should get a sheepdog. 

This is a short clip of a one year old Hermanns tortoise